Middle East / North Africa

Iran data show growing coercion of LGBT sex changes

Iran’s coercive advocacy of sex-change surgery for LGBT people has become a growing problem in recent years, says the Iranian lesbian and transgender network 6Rang, which has launched a campaign against the practice.  These timelines demonstrate the magnitude of the problem: 1973: Iranian press reports on the first case of sex reassignment surgery. 1976: Iran … Continue reading


In Ugandan court, ‘tomorrow is the big day’

Judges in the Ugandan Constitutional Court have scheduled a key ruling for tomorrow in the challenge to the legitimacy of the country’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Act. Yesterday the signs had seemed to point to a ruling today, as noted in yesterday’s  blog post, “Ugandan court might overturn anti-gay law tomorrow.” But instead today’s court session … Continue reading

Africa / Faith and religion

Uganda: U.S. picks AIDS contractor, ousts anti-gay group

The United States has replaced the anti-gay Inter-Religious Council of Uganda as a contractor for HIV / AIDS services in Uganda. Effective Aug. 1, the work will be done by the international health, infrastructure and environmental services firm Cardno Emerging Markets, the Ugandan New Vision newspaper reported. Both the United States and Sweden recently announced … Continue reading

Africa / Commentary / Faith and religion

Uganda, don’t pray to ‘heal’ gays (or blacks or women)

In this brief commentary, Stella Nyanzi — an anthropologist, social science researcher and resident of Uganda, where Pentecostal churches are popular — speaks out against some anti-LGBT religious leaders’ practice of attempting to “pray away the gay.” After her commentary appeared on Facebook, it attracted a flood of readers’ comments, some of which are published … Continue reading