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Newly launched fund will aid LGBT Russians

Three international human rights advocacy groups have joined forces to launch a new fund that will support Russian organizations combating that country’s ongoing crackdown on LGBT rights. The groups promised that all contributions to the fund would go to support “LGBT and human rights organizations that are working in Russia or on Russian LGBT issues … Continue reading


Caribbean nations are abuzz with LGBT news

The LGBT-focused International Resource Network published a useful compilation of LGBT news from the Caribbean last week, including these items from Guyana, Belize, Jamaica and Trinidad. An editorial in the Kaieteur News of Guyana speaks to “The Plight of the Homosexuals” … Recently, a local group, SASOD [the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination], published the … Continue reading


UN on anti-gay laws: 2013 hate from 1800s prejudice

A recent appeal from “Free & Equal” campaign of the United Nations Human Rights Office. For more information, see the article “U.N. campaigns against 76 countries’ anti-gay laws.” Related articles Steps toward LGBT equality via D.C., Rome, the Gambia ( Report: Anti-gay laws harm African economies ( UNAIDS has the book. Shouldn’t you? ( UN warning to countries that … Continue reading