Faith and religion

Zambian activists reject hazardous, homophobic article

The Zambian LGBT rights organization Friends of Rainka today issued a rebuke, with corrections, of a series of homophobic, potentially violence-inciting inaccuracies contained in a recent article in the online Zambian news site The article was part of a new wave of harassment of LGBT rights activists that has sent some of them into … Continue reading


‘Our lives are in danger’ — new threats to Zambian activists

Anti-gay forces in Zambia have launched a new wave of harassment of LGBT rights activists, including threatening phone calls, a criminal investigation, and a news article stating that activists traveling abroad will face criminal charges on their return to Zambia. “Our lives are in danger,” said one activist who is still in the country. “I am … Continue reading

Middle East / North Africa

Dozens out on bail after Iran raid on ‘homosexuals,’ ‘satanists’

A court in Iran has released “dozens of people” on bail after their arrest Oct. 8 on charges related to “homosexuality and satanism,” according to an LGBT rights organization in Iran. Earlier “at least 17” arrests were reported in the incident, which occurred in Kermanshah, an Iranian village near the border with Iraq. 6Rang expressed … Continue reading


No bail, no trial; 5+ months in Zambian prison on gay charges

Two Zambian men have been jailed for nearly six months without a conviction on  homosexuality charges that resulted in their arrest last spring. They are victims of continuing legal delays and the country’s public campaign against homosexuals. The latest delay in the case of Philip Mubiyana and James Mwape came as the judge ordered the … Continue reading