Cameroon: ‘Abusive detention’ of friends of Eric Lembembe

See the July 29 update of this news here: “Cameroon: LGBT activists in custody; harassment continues.”

Below is a little bit of further information from July 27 about that day’s detention of LGBT activists in Cameroon, which was first reported in the article currently headlined “3 arrests in Cameroon as LGBT harassment continues“:

Eric Lembembe (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Eric Lembembe

Police in Cameroon have detained three friends of journalist/activist Eric Lembembe, allegedly as key witnesses in the investigation of his murder.

The detainees are being held because of unspecified “serious evidence” that has emerged in the investigation, police told an attorney representing them.

(The rest of this article has been removed from public view, at least temporarily, to double-check on its accuracy and to review whether publication of some of the facts could pose a danger to those involved, given the level of violence in Cameroon.)

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