Russia’s anti-gay crackdown: Fines total 20,000 euros

The Russian LGBT rights group Coming Out reports today on the continuing harassment of activists there, which includes fining organizations as unregistered “foreign agents” if they receive any financial support from abroad and engage in political activity of any kind. Today, Coming Out’s director was found guilty for failing to register the organization as a … Continue reading


Jamaica: Pastors again try playing the victim card

News in brief: JAMAICA: About 1,500 people rallied June 23 against proposals to repeal the nation’s anti-buggery law, with Christian pastors again proclaiming that Christians would be the victims if LGBT were no longer threatened with prison sentences for same-sex activity. Pastor Leslie Buckland argued that gay rights activists are trying to “take over the … Continue reading

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Plea for Jamaican LGBT rights now that ‘gay cure’ lie is past

Jamaican LGBT activist Angeline Jackson contributed this commentary about Exodus International and Jamaica’s anti-gay movement.  Jackson is convenor of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica , which works with both young and aging lesbians, bisexuals, and other women who have sex with women. Editing is by Hilaire Sobers and Colin Stewart. For almost 40 years Exodus International lied … Continue reading

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Worldwide damage: What Exodus knew and kept lying about

For nearly 40 years, the world’s leading “ex-gay” group, Exodus International claimed it could cure people of homosexuality. This week, the group admitted defeat, apologized for the harm it caused by spurring homophobia globally (including through its Jamaican affiliates, WIRED and the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS)) and closed down. This is hardly … Continue reading


Little-noticed Supreme Court ruling helps AIDS fight

The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday announced a decision that “will have a wide-reaching, positive impact on LGBT equality, and civil rights generally, worldwide,” says author Jay Michaelson in an article on Huffington Post. The decision will allow AIDS-fighting organizations that receive U.S. funds to use their best judgment in their approach to fighting AIDS among … Continue reading