Will AIDS activist’s death boost HIV support services?

Abby Love (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Abby Love (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

The Youth on Rock Foundation is working to improve its HIV education and support services in conjunction with a memorial for foundation member Abby Love (Abby Mukasa), who died April 24 of complications related to AIDS.

Mukasa was an active member of the foundation, a community-based organization working on issues affecting the LGBT/sex worker communities in the slums of Kampala.

He was also a member of the foundation’s Rock Angel entertainment group and of its new Come Out Post-Test Club.

Plans for the memorial for Mukasa will be developed at upcoming meetings of the Come Our Post-Test Club for LGBTI people and sex workers in Kampala, said Frank Kamya, secretary/administrator of the foundation. The group provides support and HIV education for people who have tested positive or are otherwise at risk of HIV infection.

Uganda’s overall HIV infection rate is about 7.3 percent, up from 6.4 percent in 2005, but recent surveys of Ugandan men who have sex with men have estimated their HIV rate at 12.4 percent to 32.9 percent.

For more information on the club and plans for the memorial, contact Kamya at 0703439069.

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