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New book shows human face of gay rights, anti-gay laws

In a new book, the writers of this blog portray in vividly human terms the toll of 76-plus countries’ anti-gay laws. The book, “From Wrongs to Gay Rights,” is currently available in exchange for a $25 donation to the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, which supports activists in many of those 76 countries. Through … Continue reading


Actor in Uganda jail after role in gay-themed play

Part-time British actor Keith Prosser, who appeared in a gay-themed play last year in Uganda, has been arrested there and jailed in preparation for deportation, the London-based Independent reported. The play, “The River and the Mountain,” was produced by British entrepreneur David Cecil, who was arrested last year in connection with the show, released from jail … Continue reading


Catholic lawyers push Cameroon to keep anti-gay law

A group of Roman Catholic lawyers in Cameroon gathered last weekend to call for continued enforcement of the country’s law against homosexual acts, which can be punished by prison sentences of up to five years. Africa Review reported: The Association of Cameroon Roman Catholic jurists made the weekend declaration during a conference on homosexuality held … Continue reading


Ethiopia protest against human rights crackdown

Ethiopia is trying to silence human rights groups there, including LGBT rights supporters, says the gay rights group Rainbow-Ethiopia In Exile. The group states: The restrictive Charities and Societies Proclamation, adopted in 2009, continues to threaten/effectively silence Ethiopia’s LGBT and other human rights advocates and severely hamper basic human rights monitoring and reporting activities. Two … Continue reading


Here we go again: Uganda tabloid lists alleged gays

The Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper has returned to a vicious, irresponsible journalistic practice that preceded the murder of gay activist David Kato — publication of names of people who are allegedly homosexual. This past weekend, the tabloid Red Pepper published names of people who it alleges “recruit” others into homosexuality.  The front page of the … Continue reading


Seeking defeat of Nigerian ‘Jail the Gays’ bill

Opponents of Nigeria’s “Jail the Gays” bill are preparing gifts for that nation’s  lawmakers: 1,0000 “advocacy calendars” that display the humanity of Nigerian LGBTs and urge rejection of the country’s anti-gay bill. The activist group Nigerian LGBTIs in Diaspora Against Anti Same Sex Laws explains: Nigerian lawmakers are fond of saying there are no gay … Continue reading