On Twitter, #StoptheHate means respect LGBTs (and pop stars)

Today’s Twitter campaign in support of LGBT activists’ lawsuit against evangelist Scott Lively is under way.  Below are some of the campaign’s early tweets, which use the hashtag #stopthehate.

One confusion has developed, however: Pop culture fans are using the same hashtag in other contexts, especially in discussions of the apparent breakup of the “Haylor” relationship between singers Taylor Swift and One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles.


It’s one thing to fight homophobes at home #Uganda and another to do it at the root in Springfield, USA on behalf of millions #StoptheHate

Sexual Minorities Uganda and Center for Constitutional Rights take “hate preacher” Scott Lively to court for “persecuting gays #StoptheHate

Followed by Frank Mugisha and 1 other


In #solidarity with @SMUG2004 & #Uganda‘s #LGBT community: Call on #ScottLively and other US evangelical Christian leaders to #StoptheHate!

TODAY: Focus on court case against #ScottLively over #UgandaAHBill by #UgandaLGBTI activists. Follow #StopTheHate #LGBTI #Africa

@SwiftCatcher: (let’s take a moment for this) you hate Haylor? why? #stopthehate” Preach.

(let’s take a moment for this) you hate Haylor? why? #stopthehate

#Uganda #KilltheGays dead for the moment but violence against #LGBT Ugandans is ongoing. Help @frankmugisha @theCCR #StoptheHate!

Speak out against #ScottLively and other US evangelicals exporting their #LGBT hate agendas to #Uganda and other countries! #StoptheHate

Help @SMUG2004 & @theCCR stop #LGBT persecution at one of its most insidious roots: w/ the likes of #ScottLively! #StoptheHate

This is not just about #Uganda, it is about persecution anywhere. @SMUG2004 and @theCCR taking a stand #StoptheHate Fed. Court Jan 7 2013

we gotta stop looking at people like they are better or worse than us. we are all the same…ya digg? #stopthehate


Good luck to @SMUG2004 and @theCCR 2mrw in court- Springfield, MA. Persecution is a CRIME & MUST not be tolerated anywhere. #StoptheHate

Retweeted by The CCR


The theology of hate which blames #LGBT people for disasters, for the destruction of family & everything in b/w, has to stop. #StoptheHate

#StopTheHate enough IS enough, its HIS life, HIS choices, HIS mistakes, HIS lessons and i think there is no room for YOUR business.

Can we all take a moment to imagine how it feels to b harry. Crying over haters. #stopthehate

How do you think harry is feeling?its not fair!If your a true fan u would want him to be happy he is still the same harry #stopthehate

Guys we’re starting to act like Plastic Bieber :( #stopthehate

If the movie has a section of any of he boys crying other getting hate………………….#stopthehate #hatehurts

Don’t you dare send Harry hate. I don’t want to see this again, do you? #stopthehate

I won’t unfollow @Harry_Styles because of that. That’s what a trun directioner is. #StopTheHate

Someone discovered that harry is searching his name again like before PLEASE stop sending hate this isn’t good! #StopTheHate #StopBullying

Spamming @Harry_Styles because he needs to know he is loved through all this hate right now #stopthehate #harrystyles #loveharry ❤❤❤

the boys are the same 5 funny lads they were in 2010, they havnt stopped caring for us at all, the jut dont tweet as much, #stopthehate

If you unfollow Harry, then screw you! Its your loss! If Harrys happiness is too much for you, then LEAVE HIM ALONE! #StopTheHate

Please stop send hate to Harry. I don’t want to see Harry crying. It’s really heartbreaking :'( #stopthehate

#ILoveYouHarry is trending #stopthehate its all just so dumb,be happy if he’s happy! It hurts,but have to respect,much love to @harry_styles

Remember when Harry cried because of hate? Let’s not make that happen again. #WeLoveYouHarry #stopthehate

Miley: You hate me cuz i’m growing up.Selena: You hate cuz i’m dating your celeb crush. Demi: You hate me cuz i shared my story #StopTheHate

If your goal is to upset and hurt Harry, if he comes online and reads these tweets your goal will be reached. #StopTheHate

Okay so Taylor swift didn’t sound the best, but GET OVER IT PEOPLE… It’s freezing out. I still love her #stopthehate.

I am not & will never be perfect. All I ask is that you accept & love me for who I am or may become. #StopTheHate & #EndDescrimination 4Ever

Just kidding, Sadie’s really mean to me all the time. #abusive #stopthehate

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