Third detention in anti-gay Uganda crackdown

Police in Uganda have detained a third youth worker on homosexuality charges,  continuing their crackdown on the Youth on Rock Foundation (YRF), which runs anti-AIDS programs for LGBT youth. Martin (Morgan) Kanyike, executive director of the foundation, was detained Tuesday, Jan. 29, on accusations of homosexuality and recruiting people into homosexuality.  He was put into … Continue reading


Singapore LGBT letter: Even hurting, let’s win with love

Legal challenges to Singapore’s law against gay sex have raised hopes for change, but also have led to a conservative backlash. In response, a coalition of LGBTQ groups today issued a statement of encouragement and consolation to “Singapore’s LGBT Community and Friends.” It states: While many of us are understandably hurt, even angered, by some … Continue reading


Anti-gay mob beat 7 men; probe faults Nigerian response

The article “Anti-gay mob beat 7 men; probe faults Nigerian response” about the Jan. 12 attack in Nigeria has been removed from this blog, at least temporarily. The article was based on an unfinished, draft version of a report prepared by investigators from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) and the Improved … Continue reading


Appeal to Russia: Drop anti-gay bill that spurs anti-gay violence

Human Rights Watch issued this press release today, arguing that the anti-gay violence confronting recent protests against a Russian proposal for a national ban on “gay propaganda” shows that such a law would encourage further violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people: MOSCOW –Vicious attacks on gay rights protesters in Russia in recent days underscores … Continue reading