Cameroon man re-arrested for homosexuality

Cameroon police have made another arrest under the country’s anti-homosexuality law, which has sent a dozen people to prison in recent years, with others awaiting trial on similar charges that could lead to prison sentences of up to five years.

Nicolas Yvan Ntamack, age 18, was arrested Oct. 20 on a charge of homosexuality, according to Marc Lambert Lamba, a leader of the ADEPEV human rights and anti-AIDS group. Ntamack was detained at police headquarters in the city of Edea, near the coast.

He was accused of engaging in homosexual activity. He was previously arrested on a homosexuality charge in August 2011 along with three other men. Two of them, Joseph Magloire Ombwa and Seraphin Ntsama, remain in prison awaiting trial. The two minors, Ntamack and Emma Tiomela Lontsie, were released in July.

This blog is seeking more information about the case.

4 thoughts on “Cameroon man re-arrested for homosexuality

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