Report: Another Zimbabwe police raid on LGBT rights group

BREAKING NEWS: “More than 20 ZRP officers deployed in two trucks have swarmed and are currently raiding GALZ offices in Harare,” according to the Crisis in Zimbabwe page on Facebook. A later report stated, “Zimbabwean police have begun searching the offices of GALZ in Milton Park for undisclosed ‘data.’ ” This raid was the second … Continue reading


Who will replace Ethiopian Church’s anti-gay patriarch?

Activists in Ethiopia are hoping the country will become less hostile to LGBTI people after a replacement is chosen for Abune Paulos, the homophobic patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who died last week at age 76. LGBTI advocates know, however, that an equally anti-gay religious leader might be installed in his place. Abune Paulos, … Continue reading


LGBTs seek equal rights? Zimbabwe counterattacks

Powerful anti-gay forces in Zimbabwe have launched a counterattack against one of the 26 LGBT rights activists who traveled to Washington, D.C., last month during the International AIDS Conference, where they told how 76 countries’ laws against homosexuality are sabotaging the fight against AIDS.  The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, who spearheaded the Spirit of 76 … Continue reading


LGBT activists to hackers: Lay off Uganda websites

LGBT activists in Uganda have condemned the recent defacing of Ugandan government websites by hackers associated with the group Anonymous. The hackers said they acted in protest of Uganda’s treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, but Ugandan activists denounced the action as counterproductive and potentially dangerous to LGBTIs. Sexual Minorities Uganda, or … Continue reading


Taking the AIDS battle to LGBT youths in Cameroon

They call it the Excellent Life AIDS Awareness Agency, or ELAAA. In the four months since Cameroon’s Affirmative Action Association, or ACT, launched that project at its new headquarters, the ELAAA center has helped about 150 youths, ages 16 to 24. Altogether, those youths have made nearly 550 visits there, learning about behavioral changes that … Continue reading


Anti-gay myths in media create Zimbabwe prejudice

Third of four articles about the treatment of LGBTI people in Zimbabwe. News media in Zimbabwe fuel frequent attacks and widespread discrimination against LGBTI people, says a newly released “Violations Report” issued by Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, or GALZ. The report states: “The media in Zimbabwe contributes to and exacerbates public prejudices against LGBTI … Continue reading