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GOP: 76 countries’ anti-gay laws are OK

The Republican Party wants the United States to stop pushing for repeal of 76 countries’ laws that make homosexuality a crime. In its newly unveiled 2012 party platform, the GOP criticizes the Obama administration for its warnings that U.S. foreign aid might be curtailed to countries that throw gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in jail for … Continue reading


‘Gay Hate Day’ fizzles in Cameroon and worldwide

Aug. 21 came and went without any sign of the large protests against homosexuality that were  announced in June and widely denounced since then. That day was supposed to be “International Day Against Homosexuality,” nicknamed “Gay Hate Day” by its opponents. The anti-homosexuality protest was proposed by the Movement of Young Cameroonians, or RJC, which … Continue reading


Report: Oppression undermines Ugandan society

Ugandan society is being undermined by intensifying attacks on a wide range of non-profit organizations — ones that seek LGBT rights, but also many good-government advocates, says the international watchdog group Human Right Watch. In a new 50-page report titled “Curtailing Criticism: Intimidation and Obstruction of Civil Society in Uganda,” the group documents increasing government … Continue reading


Protest greets Zimbabwe police raids

An LGBT rights group has condemned Zimbabwean police raids on the headquarters of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, or GALZ. The latest raid is described here: “Report: Another Zimbabwe police raid on LGBT rights group.” In a public statement, African Men for Sexual Health and Rights, or AMSHeR, said it  strongly condemns the Zimbabwean government’s continued … Continue reading


Stephane Tchakam: Vibrant LGBT activist’s memory lives on

“Stephane is dead!” announces a voice on the phone. “Which one?” “Stephane Tchakam.” “Excuse me. Are you kidding or what?” The call came from Philip, a well-known gay activist in Douala, Cameroon, who phoned a friend in Yaoundé to tell him the shocking news that Stephane Tchakam had died. Very early, around 6 a.m. Monday, … Continue reading