AIDS in Africa: many straight women, but higher rate for gays

Isn’t AIDS in Africa more a problem for heterosexuals than for homosexuals?

AIDS and HIV are severe problems for both groups in Africa.

The largest number of HIV-infected people in Africa are heterosexual, especially heterosexual women. But in many African countries the rate of HIV infection is higher among gay men, in part because so many of them are denied AIDS-related services where homosexuality is a criminal offense.

These are the estimated HIV infection rates for eight African countries, for example:

  • Benin — overall population, 1 percent; men who have sex with men (MSM), 26 percent.
  • Ghana — overall, 2 percent; MSM, 25 percent.
  • Ivory Coast — overall, 3 percent; MSM, 18 percent. (Homosexual activity is legal in Ivory Coast.)
  • Kenya — overall, 6 percent; MSM, estimates ranging from 11 percent to 43 percent.
  • Malawi — overall, 11 percent; MSM, 21 percent.
  • Nigeria — overall, 4 percent; MSM, 13 percent.
  • Senegal — overall, 1 percent; MSM, 22 percent.

2 thoughts on “AIDS in Africa: many straight women, but higher rate for gays

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